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A New life in Spain – what is it like to live here?

Living in Spain – What is it like to live here?

¨The best decision I ever made, should have done it sooner¨.

Found laying between the Costa Blanca and the Costa Almeria is the warm coast, the Costa Calida. Blessed with glorious sunshine the Costa Calida is an area of Spain that is not widely known; making this fantastic part of Spain a hidden treasure.

The best climate in the world is found at the Costa Calida. The sun shines over the region more than 315 days of the year to produce a staggering 3000 plus hours of sunshine each year. The humidity within the area is very low, so it will not feel as hot as it is, making golfing easily accessible any time of the year.  The sun makes us all happy and it has great health benefits.

The pace of life is much slower here and you do not find much traffic on the roads. Stress free living has to be a bonus.

The medical services here are 2nd to none. Generally you do not wait very long for an appointment with specialists. Whatever your ailments are, you are sent to consultants who only specialise in your diagnosed condition.

Manana (tomorrow) is a word used frequently in all regions of Spain. It can be frustrating but you soon get used to it.

The cost of living (in most cases) is a lot more affordable than other European countries. Lower council tax bills, car road tax, fuel, food, eating out, alcoholic drinks, beer and wine. Most electrical appliances are more expensive in Spain but better to buy local in case of any problems whilst under guarantee as are cars (but they do hold their value). There are many local markets to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, clothing, household items, bric-a-brac etc.

You live more outside (due to the climate) which creates a more social atmosphere. How many of you really know your neighbours or even see them?

Lots of places to explore and Spain is covered in national landmarks, parks, historical buildings, churches and places of interest. Superb local villages offering a great Spanish welcome to all.

Plenty of activities for the adventurous or non-adventurous.

Superb coastlines with blue flag sandy beaches. You can´t beat the sound of the sea for relaxing on the beach.

Spanish people are so welcoming and friendly and so are other people living in Spain. If you try to speak the language with them, it is really appreciated and they try to converse with you even harder.

Other ex-pats living here are also very friendly. After leaving the UK they are healthier, stress free and want to be more social. A lot of ex-pats have created lots of different groups with varying activities and clubs for all to enjoy. A lot of them also work as volunteers with the many charities here and volunteer medical organisations. Waking up to sunshine every day puts a smile on your face and the day can only get better.

Spanish food and tapas is a delight and a must to try. You can get a glass of house wine (really good wine) or a small beer for 1€ and tapas varies from 1.50€ to 2.50€ per plate (each bar differs in sizes).   Local caught fish is a speciality.

There are many forums on Facebook about living in Spain. Go ahead and ask people to see what their take on life in Spain is. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Every region in Spain works differently and has their own rules. Buying a property in the Costa Calida can be different to buying in Costa Blanca. There is 8% property tax on resales and 10% on new builds in the Costa Calida, however going further North to the Alicante (Costa Blanca) region of Spain the resale tax is 10%.

If you are considering buying a property in Spain, ask your chosen estate agent what the property taxes and fees are in their region.


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